I have a few windows open in my web browser, and a ton of tabs in each window because I’m working on a few different projects and this is how I’m attempting to keep the projects, thoughts, process separate—a way to organize, and possibly focus. (Did I include enough qualifiers?)

To navigate between the windows, I was going to the Window tab at the top of the screen, and selecting the window I wanted. But then, when trying to switch between apps—from Firefox to Excel—I accidentally hit the wrong keys (or more accurately, hit them at the wrong time), and found myself switching between browser windows.


Shortcuts make me happy.

Keyboard Shortcuts

to switch between open apps / programs:

  • cmd ⌘ + Tab
  • click the Tab key to move forward through your apps
  • after you’ve clicked cmd ⌘ + Tab, can see your app icons and have moved forward at least once in your list, you can also move backward by clicking
    cmd ⌘ + ~


to switch between multiple windows in Firefox:

  • cmd ⌘ + ~

See how the accident happened? See how happy I am?


(The tilda / backtick / grave accent key is usually found under the esc key, but mine’s next to my Z; I have a French UAE keyboard. Took some time to get used to, but all’s good now.)




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