After spending 6 weeks away from Dubai (visited England, Spain, Italy) & becoming reacquainted with a forgotten feeling called happiness, and after recently celebrating American Thanksgiving where it’s tradition to take stock (& stuffing) by listing what & who & why one is grateful, and after neglecting this blog for so long, but before the next holiday list marks me as bad for this neglect, and before the holiday list after that needs to be written in which I have to resolve to do or not do something in the New Year, and after seeing a preview to the new Jennifer Lawerence movie called Joy, and after feeding ourkittyboys lunch just now, I decided to reboot this blog with short posts & a picture: something—massive to molecular—in my life here in the desert wasteland that brings me pleasure, joy, happiness, any of those positive feelings.

It’s an old idea—for an example check out

I could start the Reboot with the idea of the Reboot, but I don’t know how to photograph that.

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