what do you miss?

At a meet-new-people event the other night, a guy said to me, So, you’re new in Dubai—how do you like it? It’s… fascinating. What do you miss? I miss seeing things that have history. I have a small collection of vintage typewriters at home, and I miss having them around, looking at things that are older than I am. Everything here is so new. Yeah, he says, but history—too much history—can get in the way sometimes. What do you mean? Well, he says, I’m German.



3 thoughts on “what do you miss?

  1. Funny I was thinking just the opposite here the other day. I looked around and thought, all you German mofos are REALLY from here, as in y’all come from knuckle dragging tribes that huddled around fires and wore mackerel skeletons before there were Mardi Gras beads, before there was Mardi Gras. Y’all have too much history on your hands.

    1. I think this dude would agree with you. He went on to say he’d been living in Dubai for 15 years, and prefers the clean slate/don’t like it, tear it down/start over/forget about the past approach here in Dubai to where he came from in Germany. He started to tell me about his hometown. It was a small city. That’s as much as I got. He attempted the story multiple times. He was interrupted by the server, pouring us more wine; he tried again. Then, he got lost in the details. I could see him trying to figure out how to begin, how to enter the story, how to structure it, how to dump centuries upon centuries of history on me——as we drank in an incredibly loud restaurant. He eventually gave up.

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