happy 4-year cativersary to #ourkittyboys!

Four years ago today, July 20, we brought home 2 nearly-5-month-old kittens, brothers, who were in a Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter foster home where they went by Dillon & Bij. They had the best foster mom—and, in the last 4 years, we’ve raised many glasses to Brittany.

A full week after we brought the kittens home, plus a spreadsheet, plus an important trip to Starbucks, Dillon & Bij became Del & Finn.

On July 17 (a few days ago), the four of us celebrated our 4-month anniversary of arriving in Dubai. Since then, ourkittyboys have forgotten & forgiven us for the few weeks they needed to be boarded while we found an apartment.


Ourkittyboys got many treats today. Including, their favorite, tuna juice martinis straight up. Because they’re macho cats.

No they’re not. They’re spoiled. And they’re very photogenic. And we love them. And I may have said to Alfredo when we were discussing the possibility of Dubai, if the cats can’t go, I don’t go.

So, here we are: the four of us in a one-bedroom apartment, 27 stories above the city. Settling in.


Brotherly Love






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