how did you spend your 4th of july?

One of my father-in-law’s favorite jokes is to ask, Do they have Fourth of July in Dubai? Of course they do! Do you think the calendars go from July 3rd to July 5th?


We were going to spend the evening at a British pub—have dinner with an ex, prove we’re still friends.

Started the day looking for a Farmers’ Market at a hotel near the World Trade Center / Convention Center. Despite what their Facebook page said, it was “closed during the fallow season of the hot summer where there isn’t enough produce to run it.”

Took a wrong turn (happens frequently), ended up (by habit?) at Al Quoz industrial area—home of Al Serkal Avenue my new home away from…

Found the Bookworm book warehouse—despite the massive footprint Google maps gives it, it was a tiny, cramped, shelves lined with books, boxes being packed by 2 Filipino women, 3 tiny room warehouse, not store—also should have checked Facebook: all children’s books.

Next, went in search of Vendome Paris—a Parisian bakery. AKA Alfredo’s heaven. Had to kill time to wait for it to open (shorter hours because of Ramadan).

Checked out More Cafe—a long line at the door, buffet as the main attraction, place packed with SUV baby strollers, screaming children, exasperated parents—AKA my idea of hell. (though, there were books—for adults…will have to check that out during a weekday.)

Drove past a guy walking around looking for the Sand & Surf shop. Gave him a lift to the store; it was hot.

Returned to Vendome as they were unloading their trucks, unlocking their doors. Met the founder (the guy on the left). We bought a chocolate croissant, a mini plain croissant, a sticky raisin amazingness, 2 cookies made by angels, and a local sweet of semolina & almond flour & almonds shaped into a square and soaked in rose water—also very sticky. Plus, a loaf of fantastic French country bread—and a bread bag. It’ll have to do until Alfredo starts baking again.

Anyone know where we can find a Lodge cast iron combocooker in Dubai?

Brought our French treats home (take-out only at most places during Ramadan, or fines for the restaurant).

Enjoyed them all. All of them: the American way.

Alfredo sketched, I read for the rest of the afternoon.

Met one of his coworkers for dinner at a hotel in JBR—hotel restaurants are allowed to serve alcohol, but only after 8pm during Ramadan. No fireworks, no British pub, just a simple burger, veggie wrap, pizza—plus, a mojito, Tiger beer, and, of course, a Bud—to toast to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Hope you’re enjoying the downside of your 3-day weekend!

National Protective Coating Lacquer Thinner in red white and blue
Red. White. Blue. National pride.
Tabaco bottle label with Arabic
Tabasco bottle. Try Tabasco in foods such as Tabbouleh, tomato stew, beans, Dams, eggs with potatoes, Kofta and Samosa, Pearls cholate. Product of United States.
american garden U.S. Ketchup Born in the USA US Grade A
Posted before, still funny. Born in the USA!

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