what is the honeymoon phase?

The Honeymoon Phase is the first big cresting wave on the abroad side of the undulating line that charts the many stages of culture shock (what is culture shock?)—and its mirror: reverse culture shock.

The Honeymoon Phase

Was fantastic. In the honeymoon phase, everything is new, everything is art.

red flower 2

The firsts are always like that.

The Firsts

The First Dinner in Dubai: Burger King french fries. Because it was late, we were tired, hungry, it was a recognizable brand. I almost never eat fast food in America, but there it was: Burger King attached to a gas station, walking distance from our first hotel.

Now a question in the trivia game of our life: What was your first dinner in Dubai? When the aliens land / one of us is kidnapped by the enemy / we have to prove we’re married to each other: Burger King french fries is the answer. Now you know it, too.

first metro trip

First Photo Taken in Dubai

first photo taken in dubai

Like how photos of the first child fill volumes and volumes of albums—every moment painstakingly placed and pressed to beautiful pages. In focus or not. All of it is important.

But the second kid gets a shoe box with photos thrown in—to be put in an album… someday—a line item on a to-do list that never gets done.

This leads to The Plunge.


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