what’s al karama like?

From April 6, 2014

Al Karama is an older section of the city. There are lots of residential buildings, people walk here, and English is not dominant. This is also where I went yesterday for my health exam (future post: Why do you need a health exam?)

Al Karama is known for having streets and streets of inexpensive furniture shops: a local alternative to IKEA. I went in search of a bed. Spent about an hour at one store to figure out the system: images torn from magazines, put in plastic sleeves and bound in books. One for beds. One for sofas. One for desks, etc. I flip through and stop. “So, like that,” the salesman points to a picture, “I will give you.”

Here are just a few pix from my self-guided tour and unsuccessful search.

al karama dubai       alkarama18        alkarama16           alkarama15              alkarama14       alkarama3       alkarama7       alkarama11        alkarama12           alkarama2             IMG_5605        alkarama13        IMG_5614         alkarama9        alkarama6        alkarama1       IMG_5598       IMG_5573       alkarama5       alkarama4

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