first night in the new apartment

We’re sleeping on the floor tonight. The mattresses here (in the 2 hotels we stayed at and all the ones I’ve seen in the stores) are so firm–slabs of slate firm–I feel we’ve been practicing for the floor and all will be fine.

No furniture of any kind yet. 2 blankets–one beneath us, one over us–2 pillows.

And 2 cats!

Unpacked the suitcases, so we have clothes–that need to be washed–and all the books I brought. But that’s it. It’s a bit echo-ey in here, being so empty. The kitty boys have investigated every inch of the place–didn’t take too long; it’s a one bedroom.

Finn also likes the twin imitation-Chrysler buildings. Also, if you don’t already know this: I love these 2 cats.

Alfredo’s on his way home from work (working late), and I’m so happy we’re all together.















Soundtrack (natch):


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