we’re movin on up

We got an apartment…on the 27th floor!

Well, we got it awhile ago, just had to wait for a few things to be finalized.

I’m off to IKEA & Carrefour & the Mall of the Emirates to get stuff. Stayed tuned for more posts soon–once we get the interewebs hooked up tomorrow, it’ll be easier.

Here’s the view from our balcony—will try to improve my pano shots.











6 thoughts on “we’re movin on up

  1. Congratulations Weezie! I love Carrefour. In Paris, you could buy whole baby pigs. I know that’s not on your list, but still, l love me the Carrefour.

    1. I assume one means to buy pigs for pets, yes? It is ‘care-4’, right? Some of Alfredo’s coworkers say ‘car-4’…just checking. I’ve already been corrected for saying ‘keen-wa’: everyone here says ‘kin-oh-ah’ Last night in the hotel right now–then we move completely tomorrow! Cats!!!


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