first visit to DKC to see ourkittyboys

To be clear, again, our 2 cats are not in quarantine. In Dubai, there is no quarantine for healthy cats & dogs.

We are in hotels until we can find an apartment. The hotels are not pet friendly, so #ourkittyboys are being boarded at DKC until we can get settled where pets are welcome.

finn kitty cat looking proud

Finn is very brave. he’s keeping his chin up, and is being patient with the situation. He’s not super happy that he had to spend 30 hours in a crate, that he’s being boarded, & doesn’t have a whole house in which to run around. But, he’s holding on & holding out for that moment when we’re in a pet-friendly apartment–and everyone’s together again.





Del hissed at me the first time I saw him & tried to pick him up. There are lots of noises in the kennel & cattery–putting him on high alert. He’s trying to keep a low-profile & maybe things will be quieter on the ground.


It’s ok if you can’t tell the kittyboys apart, neither can Alfredo.


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